Informed believes it should be as easy to research your insurance policy as it is to research buying a car or a home or a microwave or a TV. Unfortunately, today, it’s not, but we’re working to change that.

Why does it matter? Because most homeowners buy coverage that is not appropriate for them, either leaving them with too little insurance when disaster strikes or paying too much premium for coverages they don’t need.

Why does this happen? Because it takes a lot of effort to learn about insurance, so most people outsource their decision to a specialist. If insurance experts always looked out for your best interest, this approach would work out great. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.


Our Solution

The way to solve this is with information and transparency. By making it easier for you to learn what you need, you can ask the right questions so that buying insurance can be more like buying a television!

We aim to be your solution to help you understand what insurance coverage you need and what you can do without, to explain when something is covered and when it isn’t (and why), to help you learn how to protect your property so that you hopefully never need your insurance, and to demystify insurance by explaining why insurance companies act they way they do and how you can be better informed so you don’t get pressured into buying what the insurance agent wants you to buy, even when it’s not in your best interest.

Simply put, we are here to inform you so you can be confident about your insurance protection. We hope to earn your trust as a valuable resource. We believe the entire insurance industry is better off when people know what they’re buying and why they’re buying it. No more tricks. No more obfuscation. The time for transparency in insurance has arrived!


Getting Started

Wondering where to begin? Start at the Knowledge Center to read about ways you can improve your insurance coverage. After that, you can apply what you learned by using our questions to ask your agent or trying our Transparency Tools to model the financial impact of changes to your policy.