At Informed we provide tools to help you make smarter decisions about your home insurance.

Our Roof Replacement Calculator allows you to estimate how much insurance will pay if your roof requires replacement and you have ACV (Actual Cash Value) coverage.

Not sure what happens if you have ACV roof coverage? You can read about it here.

First, select your roof type. Asphalt shingles are most common.

Roof Type 

Next, enter the age of your roof. If you’re not sure, and your
home is less than 20 years old, assume they’re the same age.

Roof Age (Years)

Estimated insurance payout for a total replacement, with dynamic coverage

Note that these comparisons assume a deductible of $500 and a representative depreciation schedule. Not all insurers use identical schedules so your policy may differ.

We plan to add more features in the future that will allow you to get more precise results based on your individual policy terms.

If these results concern you and you want help reducing your risk, please read our list of questions to ask your agent to ensure you have the roof coverage you want.

If you would like to understand the math better, please send us a note and we’ll provide you additional detail on our calculations.